All our videos are hosted by Livejasmin. So sending a DMCA to SexualNet has no use. We simply have no control over the content we have on this site cause it’s based on a API. We are just the so called middle man. However, if you are a model and see your own video here than this means you have opted in for the possibility to have your recorded video promoted for extra traffic. Now, I assume you were not thinking we would go stand outside the road with a billboard waving around with your stage name on it. No, your videos are going world wide online as soon you select the Promotion Option on your video inside your Livejasmin Model account. So sending us emails has no use, we simply have no control over the videos that models put online. Now, that’s being said. 

If you do want your videos removed,  the DMCA of Livejasmin, also available by KittensLive.com, our Official Live Cam Partner.