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Many Tube sites are fighting for your attention and views, and then you go there and you are searching for 10-15 minutes through the adult videos to find something to wank off too. Those 10-15 minutes are being deducted from your total time on this planet. TubeStroke beats the heat, and gives you final results you can overlook and think “Mhh that is actually what I wanted”. For example, the category BLOWJOBS is only filled with scenes where the woman is giving oral sex to her partner. If we place SQUIRTING movies online, then you can count on it that these are only Squirting scenes/movies. We did not generalize the search results, we selected them and placed them in the appropriate Micro Niche. In this way you get what you search for and you can spare a few moments to drink a beer or roll a splif and go for round 2 cause we do not stop when we are winning!

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The hottest videos are daily updated in TubeStroke. This means when longer versions come available, the older shorter version is automatically replaced. TubeStroke has the artificial ability to improve herself and the videos she has listed and serves you with redefined optimized porn. There is not a TUBE Site in the world that does this!

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We have a collection of almost 18.000 porn stars, and we do not mind the fact some are not alive anymore. We list grannies making their first porn movie in 1992, and we are fairly sure they are dead by now, but our honor and respect for their work rise above the moral code set by standard sheep, we keep your memories alive! We do not let people rest in peace, we want to wank! So, you can find back the porn stars that we’re giving you a boner in your younger years. And yes, if you are 40 or older, you will notice that our Vintage Videos will match the memories you have. You probably recognize the fact the people were not that perfectly shaped, and there were no condoms used.

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You must be kidding, when we say we are better than the rest, this does not mean we want to be paid for this. We want only one thing in return, you to come back every now and then and wank off on our handpicked adult tube streamings, we would love you to make us your daily non-stop porn supermarket, but we keep fingers crossed for now!