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We heard you, live cams are not doing it for you. Remotely controlling a sexy show is not for everyone a thing. And to be honest, we fully understand this. There is a type of man that wishes to keep the control fully in hands, not doing anything remotely unless it is their TV remote control they have in hands. For these men, and quality man they are, we have something unique. We present to that one of the Oldest Generation Dating Sites ever, with a design only the old generation can recognize, with simple navigation like you are used to websites since your first steps on the internet around the late 90s. The dating site we have in mind was there before many of you guys were even born (we know 80% of our traffic is between 21 and 23 years old) so, when things become complicated and out of context, what do we do? We go back to start! We go back to the very beginning of internet dating, back to AFF (adult friend finder) one of the oldest living dating web sites with 65 Million confirmed members, verified by human staff. No robots, no scams, no prostitutes that can’t afford a Pimp, no no, real humans, with normal jobs, somewhat lonely lives, and maybe a very unique sex life. We have the gang here that is not into fucking around! And you can join this club of people who still hold values and morals since the previous century!

Some advantages when you date with AFF |signup here

  • You can add pictures, videos and blog postings to your profile
  • You can see who is trying to flirt with you.
  • Hotlist your potential dates and keep them close to you
  • Advanced Search Options to find your date faster!
  • Join groups, communicate with likeminded people
  • Meet Members for sex, yes, skip the dating!
  • Basic membership is free, gold membership small fee.

Gold Users Features |signup here

  • View and contact all exciting members
  • 10x more responses
  • View millions of sexy photos and videos
  • Gold users are part of the adult community

We have found testimonials from the users of Adult Friend Finder, and we have to say, they are mainly very positive. There is always 1 out of the 10 guys who is frustrated, but you can read between the lines. Overall, there is a 9.6 rating noted for AFF and her dating services.

What is hot on AFF |signup here

  • You can browse the Hottest rated Picture Albums.
  • Feel free to see the videos of our hottest users
  • You can also experience VOD at AFF. New Hot Videos.

I think we pretty much summed it all up. There is no need for us to tell you how wonderful this website is. Sometimes dating is not for everyone, and joining a dating site is just not doing it for them, but the ones who did doubt and used our offer are pretty content and have no regrets.